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As one of the nation's leading environmental laboratories and product suppliers, EMSL Analytical is proud to bring you EMSL.tv.

EMSL.tv is your web portal to the latest videos on environmental sampling techniques and equipment. New videos are regularly being added so be sure to check back often. We hope you find these videos informative and educational.

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    Indoor Air Quality & Industrial Hygiene Sampling Videos



Air Sampling Using A PPI
Asbestos Sampling Video NIOSHAHERA
EMSL Asbestos Sampling Video

Respirable Dust & Silica Sampling Video

Mold Sampling Starter Kit

Mold Spore Trap Sampling – Bio-Pump

Mold Spore Trap Sampling – High Volume Pump

Mold Tape Lift Sampling

Mold Sampling (ERMI)

MOLD VIEW Plus+ Spore Trap Sampling

MOLD and / or BACTERIA Sampling Using Culture Plates

Indoor Allergen Dust Sampling

Legionella Sampling

Endotoxin Sampling

Methamphetamine / Clandestine Drug Residue Sampling

Radon Testing

Odor Sampling

Formaldehyde Sampling

Hexavalent Chromium Sampling

Asbestos In Settled Dust Sampling

Metals Sampling

Passive Badge Sampling

Canister Sampling for Indoor & Ambient Air Quality Testing

Silica Sampling


Calibration and Products Videos


Primary Calibration - Zefon BioPump or Buck Bio-Aire Pump

Primary Calibration-Rotometer & High Volume Sampling Pump

Primary Calibration-Rotometer & Low Volume Sampling Pump

Casella MicroDust Pro

QRAE 4 Gas Monitor



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